Tuesday, November 20, 2007

office gossip

Office gossips is one of the strongest undercurrent that affects work productivity and can break goodwill among staff members working together. In a big corporation, this can build up to having factions and blocking cooperation between departments...office politics?!

It was refreshing to hear that whoever gossips or slanders another would be fired -- an office in England. Sometimes gossip can be caustic and contagious. Is there a difference between rant and gossip?

A gossip is talking behind someone's back in a facetious fashion. If this creates ill-will among staff members then it is legitimate as this definitely affects work productivity.

How does the boss manage this without infringing on one's right to talk or let off steam?

In its context, the boss will need to confront the person who has been gossiping or ranting about another and bring the respective parties together to iron out the issue in question. Let the two work out their differences. If one of the two continues, in the event, it is legitimate to fire the respective staff.

If the gossip is against the boss, then the staff ought to consider resigning if he/she did not work well under him -- rather than slandering.


Pauline said...

Interesting post. I only wish the office could be a safe haven for each "worker". Personalities clash and we need to accept the fact that we are not there to make friends but to work. My last office position was incredibly hostile.The women were fierce. When a new office manager was installed I was called in for a meeting. Silly me I thought she really wanted my opinion from a new perpective. Guess who got fired??? Recently I visited this setting to find the office manager and many hostiles have been replaced. The atmosphere appeared changed but I wouldn't return "if you paid me!"This information I have shared should be read by Bob who is under the impression that a woman is a better choice to govern. I doubt it for I have seen too much illogical decision making and plain cruelty from abuse of power.
Thanks for an interesting post. I'll leave you smiling :)

twilite said...

pauline: sorry to read your comment. Thank you for sharing so candidly. Apparently this is quite rampant in corporations. From your blog, I can see you're a good person. You've not let that gripe or sour you. May God protect and bless you Pauline.

You've nailed this: women make terrible bosses! Glad I'm in a profession but I can imagine I'd make a bad boss or leader -- demanding perfection and diligence.

One thing I cannot stand is talking about another person and I make this clear so I don't get to hear these.

I dislike the trash about celebrities or royalties. Most celebrities behave the way they did as they needed the attention. Or they do not know how to handle life open to the public? Why pander their egos?! They get the publicity in the gossips (unfortunately bad ones)!!!