Wednesday, November 21, 2007

space idol

America initiated American Idol, a program to scout talents in the entertainment field.

Today, in Asia, the Koreans have Space Idol; a program to ‘raise the dreams and hopes of the young generation…to make space science

more popular’ quoted from Kim Chang-Woo, director general for space technology.
The president of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Paik Hong-yul, reinforced that ‘…our space program is about courage and dreams. This is above money; it’s about developing as a nation…’ -- for long-term commercial benefits and national pride.

30-year old research scientist, Ko San (
photo from BBC), survived a series of grueling mental and physical tests in this televised competition. Becoming the first Korean spaceman, he will fly with 2 Russian cosmonauts in 2008 from the Naro Space Centre situated on an island 500km south of Seoul.


Pauline said...

We need to hear more stories of this nature to inspire all young people to strive for excellence :)

twilite said...

pauline: I wonder about the program -- is this not about space race? Recently, Malaysia saw her first to space sponsored by the government.

Pauline said...

What is space race anyway perhaps that is the means in which we arrived on earth via spiritual journey. Fear not!Unless we begin to respect this planet we are in great need of transport to another..