Thursday, March 20, 2008

olympic games

image from ChinaDaily

It is upsetting to read the unhappiness caused on the forthcoming Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, China.

Why is the Games being politicized? Why turn this Olympics into pressure cooker for the country that is hosting this event? Why rally boycott to the Games or Lighting the Olympic Torch?

Why are the Tibetans from within the country and those living abroad decided to take the event to stage their protests? Why are the human rights groups advocating and causing such violence and hatred? What is freedom? What is peace? Remember the ones who stand to lose are the nationals living there...not the human rights advocates!

Surely those Tibetans living abroad are more constructive in building their own country which is already in dire state rather than focusing on anger and chaos! Why self-destruct? Did the exiled leader Dalai Lama not advocate non-violence to peace?

Why has Steven Spielberg pulled the stunt to exit being artistic director? What has politics got to do with the Olympic Games?

Then there is the issue where athletes and sportspersons take performance enhanced drug to show their prowess? Where are the talents and skills that man espoused?

Eric Liddell, who ran 4 events in a day and won, explicitly said that the power comes from within -- not with help from without! Certainly not with the help of some performance enhanced drug just to win a medal!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't know about all this except to say that The Olympics has always had Political Overtones over the years....I'm sure it goes back further than this, but the Olympics in Hitler Germany---very political.....Even the Olympics here in Los Angeles in 1984...I believe the Russian Gymnists team did NOT particpate for Political Reasons...Munich, 1972....Very Bad stuff happened, for sure, and that was Politically related, etc., etc,....
And now with all the revelations about "enhancememt drugs"....well,
here we are....something else to be watchful about.

twilite said...

Naomi: thank you for your good and enlightening comment for interaction and guidance.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I've felt that the Olympics have become more and more political in many ways. Something I wish wouldn't happen; but it seems politics have no guidelines and have crept into everything. I love the Olympics even so.

Mother of Invention said...

And the athletes are the ones who lose. (The clean ones that is.)

twilite said...

Joy: I enjoy the Olympics too.

MOI:'s the clean ones! Unfair huh?

twilite said...
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twilite said...
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