Monday, February 04, 2008

mid-point (zhongjiao) medley

It was a relief to see another human being after a day of trekking sandy mountain range and rocks! This fisherman, in his late 70s, was manouvring the boat ready to take out to sea the following morning, around 3am when the tide is high.
It was heart-warming when his wife, in her early 70s, came to usher her husband home for dinner.

The coastline of Qizi Bay has many different faces to its formation.
At this point, there is a sand dune which we just couldn't resist sliding -- naturally this is not as exciting as those in the playground!

Sunset at Mid-point or Zhongjiao. This was taken when we were being ferried back to Changhua from new location.
Casuarina trees did not grow there naturally but were transplanted along the coast.

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