Sunday, February 03, 2008

heavy snowfalls

(photos taken from
An aesthetic picture? This also reveals food shortage in days to come.

China is experiencing one of its worst snowstorms since the 1950s. For China to experience such at this time of year is most inauspicious as the Lunar Chinese New Year falls on 7th & 8th of February. This is the time when families get-together no matter how poor a family is, there will always be celebration of sorts -- the festive season is a must for family togetherness.

However with this unabated snowstorms forthcoming, how do the Chinese read the zodiac year of the rat? This also coincides the main focus of the year: the Olympics Games.

Many Chinese believe in nature. How will they interpret this religiously?

energy or power crisis -- back to basics?

Canada has experienced an unusual flood of snowfalls and so is the US.

Global warming? Is mother nature playing a joke on earth?

Now where will the debate on man thoughtlessly creating global warming stand? I'm not suggesting that man has no part but to exaggerate and harp upon man's activities is...

It appears the melting of the ice-cap might be due to some underground volcanic activities.

Is this El Nino or La Nina activity?

The truth is I'm confused at all the on-going debates.


Joy Des Jardins said...

We've all experienced very strange weather conditions....oddities, etc. Hello Global Warming! It's no joke.

Mother of Invention said...

I'm confused too but there sure seems to be a lot of unusual weather around for all of us. We're in the midst of another big snowfall as I type!

twilite said...

MOI: It's scary. News of tornados ripping through 4 states in US. In Europe the poor countries are the ones which suffered most at the moment -- food shortage and power.

Another big snowfall -- do take care and keep yourselves warm.