Saturday, January 19, 2008

haikou city

Haikou City is the capital of Hainan Island in China. (I would like to post a series of pictures on this Island but...)

There are many interesting places to explore on this Island. The weather is cool at this time of the year, almost like the spring in Auckland but the nights do get chilly. In the day it is sunny and can get quite oppressively hot (especially in the June month) depending where you are. Many of the richer mainlanders will travel to the Island at this time of year to get away from the cold wintry months. These rich will buy a holiday home on this Island.

Banana Hostel is owned by a foreigner (British) n his Chinese wife. Situated on an island off Haikou City linked by bridges in downtown. Wawa is the receptionist.

Xinxiu (新秀) Beach for sailing. Many sail boats and yachts anchoring along the beach front. There are several beaches in Haikou county. [China is sectioned by provinces, equivalent to states in the US, and in each province, there are the counties.]

Tricycle motocab is one mode of convenient transport for short distances.

The Western Bus Station terminus

Early morning market along a main street -- strangely clean, dry and no smell. Food is not cheap. Cost of living is high for the nationals.

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Mother of Invention said...

I love the moto cabs! Great way to save on fuel emissions and space on the road.