Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2nd korean hostage killed

Talibans? Who are you?
Why murder the innocent and the defenceless?
What cowardice!
You're powerless!
By taking the lives of the innocent,
you hope to get what you want?!
For the Christians,
death is an open door
to their Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ.
The two Korean men have become martyrs in your hands!
Their blood will remain in your land, Afghanistan.
The power of the Christian message will remain forever
and will bear fruit.
The Christian God in Jesus Christ will visit
those who took these innocent lives.
These Koreans came to help
bring relief and medical aid to your country
Yet you return
misery and ingratitude!


Bob said...

It's irrational, isn't it? There's no understanding the motives of madmen. I pray for the safe return of those still alive.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It will never make sense to anyone who values a human life. They live by a different set of rules...and morals. Frightening.

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, we can't even come close to understanding their mentality and what they value.
I have never understood Holy Wars either. They go against the very premises on which most religions are based.