Tuesday, July 31, 2007

stars upon sand

Reflection of the sun on water upon the sand.
I enjoy looking out for reflections wherever I go.
These days on the television screen,
all one sees is reality tv shows.
Are these representative of life?
If these are, do we really want to watch them?
Don't we have enough of these scenes
in our every day encounters?
Why watch reality tv shows
when real life acts out even better?
Personally I find these shows sick and nauseating!
Crass and revolting
but then it's a reflection of our psyche!
If I want to watch something, I want
some hope, some joy, some winsome acts,
some...anything that is good.
Or...there might not be anything good at all today!
Do we know where we're going or what we're doing?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Reality shows aren't really "reality" either! They are sooo scripted in the editing process, and even before....What they choose to film...Well, I do not understand why there are so mant of these shows when the formula is the same on ALL of them...As you said, REAL life is truly so much more real and interesting!

Pauline said...

I refuse to watch them...remember you have control and power over the television clicker! I agree with all that you stated; it is time for television to take a new turn, an upward spiral. We have visited the gutter for too long.
I absolutely love this photograph. Is it my imagination, look closely at the reflection. For me it appears an angel or fairy with a wand of pixie dust??? Can you see the shape too?

Mother of Invention said...

I haven't watched reality shows much. I've only seen Survivor once! They are just so phony.

Neat reflection..did you take this pic? I love them on lakes with trees and sun or moon.

twilite said...

naomi: Obviously there are great numbers of viewers screening these to encourage more shows.

pauline: Thank you for putting words to the pic. Yes, it does look like "an angel or fairy with a wand of pixie dust"...

moi: I was put off these when tv flashed shots during commercials. These days, my attention span is short for such. The programs that draw my attention are the documentaries.

Yes, I took the pic on the beach at Whangamata while we were chatting away after breakfast. Glad this turned out. I might post this again some other time but cropped...

Joy Des Jardins said...

I feel very much the same way about most of the reality shows Lea...I'm uncomfortable watching them....so I don't. I much prefer the kind of shows you mentioned.

I love your picture of the sun reflecting on the sand...beautiful.

twilite said...

joy: thanks.