Friday, February 02, 2007

freedom of speech

I am sorry to read about a blogger being attacked by hate mails or questioned one's credential and credibility on the blog written.

Forgive me doctor anonymous blog for lifting off the expression from one of your commentators... "Don't let the bastards grind you down." I really like this and I hope I don't have to read this in my blog!

Is there freedom of speech when those faceless anonymous pranksters and cowards rip the good people off unaware for their sinister enjoyment?

Is there an undercurrent war in this blog world?

Are these not the emotional terrorists?

Whoever you are out there, remember you are the loser! By deliberately hurting others, do you know you're actually hurting yourself? How pitiful!


Abigail S said...

Something like that happened a year, plus, ago on a blog I used to read. IT was really popular, and some people got together and decided to post VERY negative/profane comments. The guy ended up abandoning his blog... Very sad.

People just get jealous that someone else has gotten popular in the blog world, I guess. I'm not a mean-natured person, so I don't really understand the motivation behind such people.

Twilight said...

Hi Abigail! This is really really sad. A blog has turned out to be a nightmare. I guess the doctor anonymous is a case in point.

Thank you Abigail for being a wonderful friend. I hope we will keep in touch. C U.