Thursday, February 01, 2007


There is the bright side and dark side to this blog world.

There are several blog sites I frequent daily. (My virtual pals, please excuse me for intruding into your sites by visiting and not leaving comments as I just want to enjoy the moment.)

Just read about the passing away of Sidney Sheldon, a pop novelist, on last Tuesday from Thank you. An avid reader I lose myself from the harsh reality of life reading such pop literature which is really easy reading.

Through one of the comments made, apparently the author suffered depression where his father helped him out of his situation and he became the person he was meant to be! Great insights through this channel of communication.

I was upset when commentators made unnecessary allegations that deliberately hurt another. I shall never understand the mindset of such persons. To question the credibility of a blogger is unkind and thoughtless.

Comments made should be on the content written and not on the person!

Certainly a blog is a blog...unlike in the real world leaders like the politicians or astute businessmen or...unless, the novelty of the blog has become something else!


gr said...

I run a g-rated blog which other than gentle kidding around is supposed to have a positive tone. There are other types of blogs. But still. I cannot stand people hiding behind a keyboard and attacking each other. You have a nice site here, keep up the good work. BTW-it is amusing that for you it is already February!

Twilight said...

Hi gr! Thank you for your kind words.

I'm presently living in the other side of the globe...

I enjoy that you made.