Monday, January 29, 2007

who am I?

I received a comment suggesting that I make some money through blogging. Thank you.

I blog to remain anonymous. I want the freedom to jot my thinking without feeling I'm biased or offending any one in due time. Trustingly I hope to receive comments to keep me at bay.

There were a couple of bloggers who entered with their own identity found I should heed their unspoken advice.


gr said...

Hello, whoever you are! I followed site meter to one of your readers who had linked here--surprise! You, a total stranger has put my link up,and I appreciate it. Now I shall visit you here. Feel free to comment when you visit me,
Thanks, gary at pottersblog

Abigail S said...

Hey there.
I personally don't like the idea of the whole "making money w/ my blog" thing. I keep my blogs for the sheer joy of it- not to turn a profit.
Also keep in mind that sometimes, you'll receive Spam comments. Annoying, huh? I'm not sure, but perhaps the ones leaving those comments are spam people.

Twilight said...

Abigail, thank you for alerting me about spam people and comments. What are they like and how do I tell them apart? Perhaps you could help and guide along the way. Thank you for being a friend!

Abigail S said...

I went back a few posts ago, and noticed that it was a Drpeds something or other who mentioned the advertising thing. Yeah, that's the new kind of Spam. He gets paid for every person he gets to go to that site he mentioned. He's a normal blogger like you or me. But he has a special blog just for that advertising stuff.

To me, it's just like a telemarketer calling to sell you stuff. Who needs it?

Twilight said...

Hi Abigail! Thank you so very very much for being a friend. God bless you.

I am being educated on such. Please keep in touch.