Sunday, January 28, 2007

vanda miss joaquim

national flower of singapore
Where is the photo on this blog? read on 13 march 2007
How exasperating!
I had the problem on the photo of the 2nd one I put on my sesame flower and pod. Foolishly I deleted that.
So if there is some nasty ones trying to play a prank...
Thank you. (updated 13 march)
This natural hybrid (orchid) was first discovered
in the garden of Agnes Joaquim in 1893.
On 15 April 1981, this was adopted as national flower
for its resilient qualities
and its blooms throughout the year.

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Twilight said...

It is interesting that my photo on this blog has somewhat disappeared. When I click on the empty space, I'm able to view the photo.

I would like the photo to come on the blog site.

I had the problem in viewing the 2nd photo on the Sesame and the pod post but foolishly I deleted that. (Certainly I won't fall on such nasty pranks again.

Can the administrator of this blog site do something? Thank you.