Monday, January 08, 2007

instant noodles

I enjoy cup instant noodle (created in 1971) for it's easy to prepare: adding hot water to dried noodles in a waterproof polystyrene container -- especially when I do not have time to go out for lunch or when I crave for hot soupy noodles. (Ok...I know this is not healthy food!)

Read from BBC news (6th instant) that the inventor of instant noodles, Mr Momofuku Ando (photo right by courtesy of BBC news), died of heart attack at age 96 in Japan.

Born in Taiwan in 1910 and moved to Japan in 1933, he founded the Nissin Food Products company after WWII to provide cheap food for masses. He was inspired when he witnessed people queueing to buy bowls of hot ramen noodle soup at a black market stall during the time of food shortage in WWII.

The first instant noodle came into market in 1958 and is popular in East Asia. Sometimes when I'm lazy to cook for dinner for one, I'd take a packet of instant noodle and add some vegetables and an egg! Viola!

In 2005, the firm developed a version of cup noodle for Japanese astronauts to eat on space shuttle.

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