Friday, January 05, 2007

here I go!

Thought I'd start 2007 with a blog but I'm still stuck setting up the space...

I'd look through some others, wow... I do not seem able to press forward further than the defaults!

I like this word 'mug' as this means different things in its context.

As a noun this includes: cup, jug, beaker, sucker, simpleton, chump, innocent, soft touch, face, clock, dial, features, mush...

As verb: steal from, set up, roll, jump (on), bash, attack, batter, beat up...

Twilight...according to dictionary, it's the faint light after sunset and before sunrise...a period of decay following a period of success or greatness?!

So you've an idea what's forthcoming!

Do let me know how I fair/fare from time to time...thank you.

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