Monday, August 25, 2008

one world one dream

The theme -- one world one dream -- of 29th Olympiad at Beijing came to a close on 25th August 2008 (16 days -- began 8th August): spectacular...dazzling...stunning...lavish at opening and closing ceremonies.

This Olympic Games saw many many records broken. The athletes are getting younger and more powerful. Michael Phelps (6ft 3in) and Usain Bolt (6ft 5in) are tall and both came from the same side of the world. By contrast, Michael from a continent and Usain, an island; one caucasian the other african-descent... How interesting!

I cannot believe that I hear: 1 million volunteers!

Wonderful...the world gets to know China and China the world! This is one time when the Chinese who would never get the chance to meet people outside of China were able to experience the joy of meeting overseas guests. There were mingling for the international community -- in the Olympic Village. This was a well-contained community!

This Games gave me much thoughts and reflection about the world, media and China!

China (100 total) won 51 golds and overall, US topped with 110. I reckon the country that topped the list is Jamaica -- 6 golds -- consider the size of the land area and the population!
What will the next Olympics in London be like? I hope there will be no comparison -- from Asia to the West -- just different!


Bob said...

I was wondering what happened to you. Just checked your blog again yesterday and noticed your comment on one of my posts today. Enjoy your most recent entry today. Have a great week, Lea.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It was, indeed, a Very Very interesting Olympics in so many ways. What I saw, I enjoyed very much....And Luckily I saw both Michael Phelps do his magic and Mr. Nolt, yoo....! AMAZING Feats!

As to your question, my dear, Judy says it is Amarathanus...! It sure is a pretty pretty flower...The variation in color quite astounding, when you look closely.

twilite said...

bob & naomi: thank you.

twilite said...
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Joy Des Jardins said...

This was quite an amazing Olympics I must say. I watched a lot of it from the opening ceremonies to the closing ones....and was thrilled by so many incredible personal achievements. These olypmics will be a tough act to follow for the next host, but it's always about the comptetition and the excitement of it all anyway isn't it?

Mother of Invention said...

They really did do a spectacular job hosting and none of their fears came true. London will not even try to compare and they don't have the money to spend either. I'm trying to think what they'll use as a theme. They have a lot of history,royalty, Shakespeare, knights etc.

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