Saturday, July 19, 2008

rock mummy sculpture

The rock formation looks like a woman lying down, not sun bathing though. This is why I label this as a rock mummy sculpture, etched by winds and sea waves and rains.

I enjoy traveling to unknown places. Whenever I visit a country, I would travel on my own schedule, not with a tour group, even when it's not familiar ground. Basically I want to explore the place that I'm traveling to and not brag about the places I visited by being there!

The picture above is one of many finds on the rocky terrains at QiZi Bay. I was just sitting on this beach, pottering around taking in the sights and sounds when...

Photography is one way I discover I see more of a place I visit.


Bob said...

Lea: This most recent post prompted me to do a little research on Qizi Bay:

"The name Qizi Bay comes from the beautiful coloured pebbles that are found along the beach and in coves among the rocks. These stones are reminiscent of Chinese chess stones (棋子石 Qízi-shí).

There is a legend about these pebbles that goes like this: Two immortals were so engrossed in a game of chess that they forgot to take a break to eat. Seeing this, the locals brought them food. In gratitude, upon finishing their game, the immortals threw the chess stones into the bay as a gift to the local people."

Sounds and looks like a wonderful place to visit.

twilite said...

Bob: Yes, Qizi Bay is one most interesting places I'd visited in my travels.

It is 22km long and divided into 3 sections. Each section is cordoned off by mountainous terrain and craggy rocks. It took me 5 days to enjoy and cover QiZi Bay.

The section you wrote about is only a very small section to this 22km stretch of Bay which you mentioned the unusual pebbles on white sand and its legend. No pebbles were found on the other sandy beaches though.

QiZi Bay is one fascinating place I recommend highly but challenging to explore.

I heard an overseas Chinese invested 2 or more billions to develop this area! I presume it's for tourism.

I'd covered this visit quite extensively in my earlier posts.