Tuesday, March 11, 2008

to be a woman

If you can live each day with the assurance
That a ‘girl’ is something wonderful to be
If you can find a way to meet your problems
With courage and with true maturity

If you can be attractive and in fashion
You are never swayed by vulgar style
If you can choose the finer things life offers
Rejecting what is worthless with a smile…

If you can guard the principles you live by –
Hold fast to truth and honor all through life
And stand for right in every situation
No matter what the world may say or do…

If you can try to offer hope or comfort
To those who seem to need a helping hand
If you can offer little acts of kindness
Or say a word that shows you understand

If you can meet a trying situation
Without complaint and with spirit high
If you can face occasional disappointment
Not yielding to a grumble or a sigh

If you can learn to make a firm decision
And say ‘I will’ – never ‘I may’ or ‘might’
If you can follow in your true vocation
Unswerving, for you know your course is right…

If you can take delight in little children
And be a friend to older folks you know
If you can give your warmth and understanding
To fill the lives of those who love you so…

If you can practice all the arts of living
With gracious kindness and with real integrity
You’re bound to be a happy person, always
And the lovely woman you were meant to be.

-- author unknown --


Joy Des Jardins said...

That's quite lovely Lea....thanks so much.

Pauline said...

Thank you, guess I was meant to read this post.Not blogging these days feels disrespectful, but I shall be back. Missing you and your wonderful posts.

Pauline said...

Such a beautiful piece. Thank you for your blog that is so full and inspiring. A place of hope!

twilite said...

pauline: thank you for your kind words. These words are reminders for self. Take care.