Thursday, February 07, 2008

postscript on qizi bay

Qizi Bay caught my attention when I was browsing and I stumbled on the Hainan Photologue ( It appears the coastline has changed a little since the last time those photos were taken. No pebbles were found on other beaches except for the one at Dajiao during our time there.

One finds elderly in their 70s still going out to sea fishing. They are strong and sturdy. Where are the young ones? Have they left for bigger cities to make a living rather than building up their little hometown? Perhaps poverty is what drives the young to seek fortune elsewhere. Will there be decentralization and development in areas like Qizi Bay?

Seafood is fresh but the way it was cooked, little to rave and considered expensive.

I was touched when we were told by the motocab driver that the hotel owner called her to find out if we had called around 3pm. They were wondering if they should call for help before dark. Hotels provide only lodging – no food.

While we were somewhat lost on the mountain sandy track at Dajiao, we saw goat droppings along the path suggesting we were not lost. We kept trudging forward. While on high altitude, there was no signal to the mobile phone. Thank goodness when we entered the rocky coastline, there was reception to the mobile phone! What a relief! We were then directed to this little hut (the elderly fisherman couple’s occasional abode) and the sand dune beach – telling us we’d arrived at Zhongjiao. We then continued on to where the motocab driver collected us.

When we were on the rocky coastline, I discovered our voices were muted when we yelled or called out to one another…even with a whistle!

Strangely there were no birds or seagulls along the whole stretch of the bay. Prickly plants were found on the mountain range. Was this a desert before?

Qizi Bay coastline has some varied and interesting rock formations. Please engage a local guide (if there is one) and wear life-jackets when exploring.

Is ignorance bliss or foolishness on my part to explore Qizi Bay without a guide or a map? Whichever, I enjoyed my time there and will return to explore again.


Pauline said...

Well I did have some catching up to do with you ;) each photo is very beautiful and most enjoyable to view. The coastline is fabulous and you have some treasured memories as well as pictures.

twilite said...

pauline: thank you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think you are incredibly brave, my dear....And a true adventurer, at Heart!
That is a BEAUTIFUL Picture....Looks like a Prickly Pear Cactus Flower...known as Opuntia! Where are the other pictures?

twilite said...

naomi: thank you for name of the pear cactus flower -- opuntia.

Bob said...

For men, ignorance is bliss. We don't need no stinking maps. We don't ask for directions. Men just charge blindly forward. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

twilite said...

bob: you crazy fella! Thanks for dropping by.

Mother of Invention said...

It's so natural for you to have coastlines and water and ocean in your posts and mind whereas for me, it's small lakes in summer and snow in winter.

twilite said...

MOI: such is diversity and wonder in our blogs. Thank you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Another beautiful picture Lea...thank you.