Friday, February 01, 2008

mid-point (zhongjiao)

Is this monument built as landmark to the mid-point of Qizi Bay?
According to the Chinese characters, it appears one can sight its location from air and from sea.
This was the location where the motocab brought us when we asked to come to Zhongjiao.

a pocket beach along the Mid-point or Zhongjiao: broken corals and nice seashells are found along this stretch of white sand


Pauline said...

The pocket beach is my favorite from these three photos. Such a spectacular view of water and earth caressing forming new life upon the stone.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful scenes with us!!!

Mother of Invention said...

Never knew there was such rockiness there! It is beautiful with the ocean as background.

twilite said...

pauline & MOI: thank you for dropping by.