Thursday, February 28, 2008


I see the word 'haiku' appearing...what is hiaku? A string of words illustrating a picture like a photo or humor?

I know this is one form of Japanese poems.

Is this a hiaku write? Below my attempt at writing one. Please critique. Thank you

Cherry blossoms --
swoon lovers everywhere.
Its scent softly wafts the air.
Update 18 March:
Thank you MOI for sharing the metric pattern of haiku: 5-7-5 syllables on each line. So I shall revise and hope to receive comment...
Cherry blossoms swoon
lovers everywhere scent
softly wafts the air.
Grateful to MOI for guidance...modified accordingly.


Bob said...

I'd love to write Haiku but never have gotten the hang of it. When there's more time I think I'll try.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Well, I have never been able to understand the "directions" of a Hiaku...So...I couldn't tell you anything about this at all! So sorry, my dear....! I hope someone who is informed can heklp you out here....! Much Good Luck!

Mother of Invention said...

Do you mean Haiku? (Not Hiaku?)

The first line has 5 syllables
2nd line has 7
3rd line has 5

That is 0ne Haiku verse.

twilite said...

MOI: Do you mean the line actually contains 5 syllables of the English words? and so forth? In that case, I shall stick to the English poetry writing. So much for my attempt. Thank you for pointing out the mispelt word.

Mother of Invention said...

OKay...just one change I'd make and it is perfect!

since "everywhere" technically has 4 syllables,you can change it to

"everywhere lovers scent"


twilite said...

MOI: thank you so much teacher-friend!