Wednesday, January 30, 2008

qizi pebble beach at dajiao

Qizi Bay got its name from this little (pocket) beach sandwiched among its rocky coastline.
Along this rocky stretch of bay lies many smaller pocket beaches.
Strangely it's only on this beach one finds pebbles, which the Chinese call 'qizi' or chess seeds. At other beaches, you find seashells and broken corals but not on this! How were these pebbles form?
There is a popular legend known about this beach. Once two immortals were caught up in their game of chess that they'd forgotten to eat. The kind villagers brought them food. In gratitude when they left, they threw their chess seeds as memento. This was why the pebbles look like the chess seeds.
We spent the morning pottering and basking under the was overcast though so we didn't feel the hot sun! Normally when on the beach, one finds birds or seagulls, but here...there is no sign of flying creatures!


Pauline said...

Wonderful pictures and delightful story. Left you some info at my place regarding the slide show. Enjoy the day !!!

twilite said...

pauline: thank you. Uncertain if I can manage this.