Wednesday, January 23, 2008

emperor's throne rock 龙位石

It was after a challenging and arduous climb on the sandy mountain that we eventually reach this rocky area. We had been looking for this nature's piece of sculpture, known as the Emperor's Throne. [ In traditional China, 龙 or dragon, this character refers to the Emperor. So 龙位 means emperor's seat which is the throne. ] Surrounding the throne were the subjects just a little below the seat.

It was said if a couple made love there and bore a boy, the child was considered a dragon; if a girl, a phoenix.

When we were at the site, there was no way one could climb up to that throne nor any comfortable place below for any one to make out!

If the sea was high tide, this would be seen lying out in the sea.

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Bob said...

Wow! I'd love to take close ups of these formations - - - they'd make for wonderful pictures to hang.