Sunday, January 27, 2008

qizi bay beach at dajiao (big point)

In the next few posts, I want to record my exploration of this interesting beach-cum-rocky coastline of Qizi Bay 棋子湾 in photos: the two characters 棋子 can be translated as the pieces that one makes moves in the chess game or chess seeds.

As mentioned before, there was no map or tour guide to help us explore.

I tried sourcing the length of Dajiao 大角 (Big Point) but... We took 2 days to trek through this most challenging section of the beach and rocky coastline and sandy mountain trek.

We had arranged with the motocab driver the night before to pick us up at 6am the following day. It was really cold during the ride to Dajiao or Big Point as there was no shelter on the motocab.
We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the point to discover Dajiao or Big Point was divided along the sandy beach stretch of the Bay and the rocky coastline stretch.

I have problem in uploading the pictures!

...had the beach to selves.

Fancy cattle grazing on the beach!


Bob said...

Lea, I upload using Picasa - a Google program. The program allows 4 pictures at a time. Check it out and if you download the program I'll walk you through how to use it. That said, I did have a problem a while back using Picasa and Blogger and found that my blog exceeded the memory allowed. So, I had to purchase additional memory from Google. It was not a lot of money and well worth the expense just to keep posting pictures.

twilite said...

bob: thank you.

I've noted I've used less than 10% of the photos to be uploaded supplied by the or associates.

Well, in this sense, Windows Live Space is more generous. This website allows 500 pictures per month on the blog site.