Saturday, December 22, 2007

unable to view post

This is most exasperating!

I cannot view the blog (picture) I had posted on Whimsical Christmas!


Bob said...

It's a lovely picture, Lea. On this side of the world it comes through loud and clear. I can well appreciate your frustration with Blogger. Don't let the bugs in your system get you down - keep on posting.

twilite said...

bob: thank you for your encouragement.

twilite said...
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Bob said...

If viewing your picture is still a problem, Lea - try emptying your temporary internet files. This might be the problem. Let me know if you need help here.

twilite said...

bob: I do clear my temporary internet files every time I exit. I do not keep record and I find this has been efficient. It's that gives me the problem. Also I try to enter comments box on blog friends, occasionally I get the hiccups!

I'm lost for words lately to blog even though I've lots to write! This hiccup is one discouragement though!

Thank you and wishing you a wonderful and happy 2008!!!