Sunday, October 14, 2007

breast cancer

It seems breast cancer is on the rise among women of every race in the world today. Why?

Is this the result of change in diet? It appears some women who migrated from Taiwan to the US, who in their elder years had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Is this because they ate more red meats as compared to the diet they grew up with -- more tofu and vegetables and less meat? Or vice versa when a caucasian young who changed to a tofu diet in coincidence died of breast cancer?

Migration? Stress? Women holding day jobs and taking care of the homes? Promiscuity? Free sex? Drugs?

Lacking in exercise? Leading too sedentary lives? Unlike yesteryears, women have to work very hard, lots of manual and menial tasks...

Unhappiness...psychological stress...divorce?

Or, are we too well educated that we see everything as symptom and therefore needing immediate attention whereas in the past, women might have lumps and conveniently dismissed that and were able to live longer lives? An elderly friend's mother shared that her grandmother had a lump in her breast and she went on to live to her ripe old age 80 or more...

These are some fleeting thoughts.


Mimi Lenox said...

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Pauline said...

In the food chain, I guess. My neighbor has just been diagnosed, and is having chemo.Thanks for the post. No answers but sharing is always wonderful.