Monday, September 10, 2007

star fruit

Its flowers are small (size) and in a cluster.
What furry petals!
But bears a few fruits from a cluster of florets.
Its fragrance sweet.

This was taken from an open field: perhaps sour! Only the cultivated ones are sweet and edible.


Pauline said...

And donn't they look so pretty when sliced; placing stars upon our plates. Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Mother of Invention said...

They are so neat-looking and taste so good! We only see them here around Christmas time. For art, I've seen teachers cut, paint and then print with them on paper.

Bob said...

How ard they eaten? Alone? In a salad?

twilite said...

pauline: strange I've never taken the fruit that way. We cut it lengthwise so as to remove the sac of slimy seeds.

moi: Yes, it's juicy. Occasionally we'd crush it into a juice (add a pinch of salt to sweeten). Pricey though. use this for art...

bob: as fruit or juice.

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, potato cutting is much cheaper to use for printing!