Sunday, September 16, 2007


(taken from an archive website which I can't find for image needed.)

Time, like an ever-flowing stream
will never wash the sorrow and pain
on September 11, 2001.
Since, the world and the US stood tall together.

Those flickering candles remind us
our fragile lives so easily snuffed out
by mad psychos who champion evil
believing sacrifices for their Allah
(doubt that is Allah's plan!)

That coward psycho-leader Osama bin Laden showed on internet
urged Americans to embrace Islam today –
6 years after that fateful day
the curse that brought down
the Twin Towers
which stood so tall and elegant
a world in microcosm
housed the best of the best
turned to ashes!

This insane leader made use of the weak-willed
to feed his madness
unwilling to blow himself up
he’s appealing for more young Islam believers
to become suicide bombers!
Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross
to redeem and reconcile man to God!
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Bob said...

I'd be happy to embrace Islam with an AK47 and a few hundred IEDs. What hatred they have. They definitely need to leave our planet and go somewhere else.

twilite said...

bob: What is AK47 and IEDs? Please enlighten.

Bob said...

AK47: Semi automatic (sometimes automatic) rifle that shoots big bullets.

IED: Improvised Explosive Device favored by terrorists in Iraq - at best, a cheap shot, the route of cowards.

Pauline said...

dropping off a hug before I disappear for a few days. A much needed rest is scheduled :)

twilite said...

bob: thanks for the explanation. Enjoyed your comments.

pauline: do have a good rest. Miss you and your words. Take care.

Joy Des Jardins said...

We'll EVER be the same again Lea. That awful day and the horrid actions of those sick minds has changed us forever. But one thing I know....they'll never kill the love we have for our country. We live with much turmoil right within our country, and we stand strong and love it. No one outside will ever change that.

twilite said...

joy: bravo! Yes...'never kill the love we have for our country'.

They wanted to cripple Americans through economy...but they'd failed...failed miserably! Bravo!

Mother of Invention said...

Absoloutely incomprehensible. No one will ever forget where they were when they heard this. Doesn't it give you a weird feeling when you watch an old movie or tv show and see the twin towers?

twilite said...

moi: I wanted a pic of twin tower to remember...I'm waiting eagerly for the new to come up.