Sunday, July 22, 2007

to each his own

Fancy my 100th blog post!

I start out this blog hoping to map out that happened today for tomorrow. I did’nt want to be boxed in but needing the space to discover what my world is and had been.

I was given the tip that if I had wanted to receive comments on my blog, I should provide my profile. Will this make any difference if I didn’t honor one? Unlike the real world, should I speak at a seminar or give a lecture, I’m obligated to provide my credentials for professional etiquette.

I get to know a blogger by the content written…not by the profile given.

Increasingly I enjoy the photo (not the exhibitionists) and doodles blogs more than the word blogs. Many word blogs are rants and ramblings and are poorly expressed though to the writer, it is masterpiece! Of course there are the exceptions. I enjoy those word blogs that include a photo or two.

Another tip given was if I had wanted a stream of bloggers to my blog, I should concentrate on one area of topic. I blog not for popularity contest! I blog anything and everything for memories and keepsakes!

The judges on tv program ‘American Idol’ were paid handsomely to comment to talent scout. Simon Cowell’s infamous caustic remarks given to those wanna-be’s a foretaste and cut to the world of entertainment or the rich-n-famous.

However in the blog world, comments are provided for one to share one’s thoughts or opinions; for interaction and encouragement; a conversational piece between bloggers; personally these help me to connect the content written with greater clarity.

Is there an art to the blog comments? I wonder.

I suspect that some nasty comments provided by those labeled ‘anonymous’ came from ones closer to the blogger than realized...perhaps done out of jealousy or spite or sheer bad-taste fun!

I join the blogaholics blog as I found increasingly whenever I have the time or am bored, on reflex I’d go to the blog sites rather than pick up a magazine to browse or read a book which I did previously.

Unfortunately today a lot of that published are mere rehash of the past or re-written except for a difference in concept or stance! All for money’s sake!

Naturally at workplaces, emails have replaced post-mails or delivered mails and these have become one’s diet of daily correspondence whereas previously, when the email first came on the scene, this was viewed as a form of addiction. How perception of issues and life changes with time!

(NB: Aaarrrgggghhhh...Can't enlarge the photos for close-up viewing! 23rd July 2007)


Pauline said...

Re' to each his own....
A delightful post, your page is rich with topics and ideas. A wonderful place to visit for it represents balance and fullness of life events!

twilite said...

pauline: thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Bob said...

Congratulations on Blog #100! Enjoy the day.

Mother of Invention said...

Congrats on your 100th! I don't even know when mine was but I know I'm over 200. It is amazing when people blog every day. I just can't make the time for it, especially in the summer.
Everyone gets something different from blogging. I find other people's lives interesting in contrast to mine. I am amazed at some of the photos some have!

Blog on!

A Mom Who Thinks Too Much said...

I like that blogs enable me to think aloud and get feedback on my thinking.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I enjoyed all you had to say about blogging...One must be true to onesellf....So, I say, just keep on being you, and all good things will come from that, as they already are, only more so...And here's to your next 100 posts, my dear!

twilite said...

bob: thanks.

moi: I especially enjoy the poetry blogs like yours. I guess it's not the frequency of blogging but what it means to one. I take my hat off to those who blog consistently almost every day.

momwhothinks2much: I enjoy interacting on blogs I read. Will drop by when I can enter your blog.

naomi: thank you...yes, I need 'be true to self'.

azure said...

I have been blogging for a few months, I think I have 80 posts. My reason for blogging is that I want to validate that my life is interesting and rich just the way it is. My conceit is writing about pictures. There are thousands and thousands of pictures available to me. Can I write something interesting and compelling about them?

I also like blogs with pictures, I haven't found too many with the same sort of thing that I'm envisioning but I've just started.

I wasn't really thinking about looking at tomorrow, I'm not stuck on yesterday. Though yesterday can be pretty darn interesting. It's about movement through a life and my life is all I have currently. I could see branching out into something that was not 'my' life...I might

twilite said...

azure: indeed when we write about our daily happenings or recording that of the photos taken, we begin to see ourselves a little better and appreciate that around us.

I love photography and this helps me to see more around me. Sometimes I'm amaze at what I record on the digital camera which I carry in my handbag.

I enjoy writing. My blog for is reflection or a reminisce for tomorrow...not crystal-ball gazing. Not regrets but see how naive one is when younger...and a moving on in life...

Lolly said...

Showing your butt helps, as well ;)

twilite said...

The comment left by lolly (whoever you are) is one that I don't appreciate and unwelcome. I hope this person does not visit my regular visitors!

I could have rejected that but I published to give a sample of those comments that are unwelcome...this is not interactive or humorous!

Pauline said...

Enjoy the weekend!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thankls for your visit and your sweet words, too! It was such a joy to meet Jamie...She has a great sense of humor and her blog is a lot of fun...And somertimes serious, too....I look forward to reading her each time I visit...!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend, my dear.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh....Happy 100th Post Lea....Congratulations! Love your pictures of these little guys. Hope to see you around for many more wonderful posts...