Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dinosaur-like reptile

When I first saw this reptile, the giant monitor lizard at sungei buloh wetland, which was at least 200cm long, I was somewhat afraid as it was hissing and shooting its tongue like a snake.
There were 4 of these around and they were lying in the shade, so I presume they just had their fill and having a siesta. It eats snakes, birds, and lizards.
A kind passer-by told me these were harmless.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lizards big and small are so ancient looking...! It is almost like some throwback to a million years ago...I have hundreds of little lizards in my garden...I just love watching them...!
Glad to know this one you showed us is harmless to humans. (lol)

Mother of Invention said...

The only thing I love about this creature is that it eats snakes! It creeps me out same as iguanas do. My friend had one and I can't understand why they'd be great pets!

twilite said...

naomi: I like lizards as they eat insects especially mosquitoes. I note only lizards live in the house without permission and needing no care.

moi: pets? wild if there is space. (I'm not a pet person)

By the way, I like to ask...can you find some lichens in your garden?

How's your blog site these days?

Lil-Lolita said...

Harmless until he takes your hand off! ;)

twilite said...

lil-lolita: thanks. Good to be careful then.

Bob said...

YOW! How you like to come across this puppy on a backwoods trail. It would be total freak-out - harmless or not, it's still mean looking.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It eats snakes.....well, that's one plus on it's side. I'm glad to hear they are harmless...because they still look pretty scary to me.

Mother of Invention said...

No lichens in my garden. Maybe we're too far south.

My blog corrected itself when Impushed the compose button one day, as I'd done many times before with no result!!