Monday, July 09, 2007

back to basics

Is global warming entreating man to return to basics in living?

Today, a child grows up with computers and all the technological advances there are. These consume energy. Can one live without these appliances, gadgets and advancements?

I do not understand much about global warming.

It appears before the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere equals that stored in mother earth. For example, plants take in carbon dioxide when they grow in spring and summer and released that back to the atmosphere when they decay and die in fall and winter.

Since then (mid-1700s), fossil fuels were burned to run cars, trucks, aeroplanes, factories and power plants – these add to the natural supply of greenhouse gases.

According to sources, the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are determined by the amount of coal, natural gas and oil were burnt and number of trees cut down, as well as the natural processes like plant growth.

Apparently the warmer the atmosphere, the more water vapour it can hold. As a result water vapour is part of the amplifying effect which is beyond man’s control. So the best way to lower temperature and thus reducing water vapour levels is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The high levels of carbon dioxide emitted have caused ocean acidification which is potentially devastating on marine life and fisheries. (And we are encouraged to take seafood sensibly.)

If ozone hole is a thinning of the stratosphere’s ozone layer due to man-made chemicals which lets in more harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation while global warming is the increase of earth’s average temperature due to the build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities, then I’m a little confused about saving the earth.

Appliances and gadgets (e.g. air-conditioners and heaters) that were luxuries in the past generations have become necessity today.

Developing countries like China where the population had been accustomed to the basics are now looking to that enjoyed by the developed nations like owning a car which is a status symbol to cycling a bike.

Personally I’ve come to a full cycle – less of those strapping of modern gadgets, appliances and amenities. I want to lead a simple life and live in simplicity. Living with one item of that I need rather than going for the latest! Be contented with that I have: recycle, reuse and reduce! Pedantic?!


Bob said...

I believe we're at the stage of "any little thing will help" when it comes to healing the planet. Baby steps will give way to giant steps. As they say, "live by example and others will follow" seems to make the most sense.

For example, Cow Town has a wonderful recycling program that's curbside. A 60 gallon bin is provided exclusively for that purpose. Metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc., all goes into this bin.

The city also recycles clippings from the yard and provides another container - 60 gallon, for that purpose. In turn the city turns what's collected from these bins into mulch that's sold. It's wonderful stuff and it sells quickly.

We've cut down on driving, trying to use less electricity, and eating more veggies or fish (I can only stand so much of that - I need my red meat!). There's more to do. Our little part in all of this are baby steps in the right direction.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree with Bob...that every little thing helps...We have a recycling program here in L.A. We each have these Large Blue Recycling Garbage Bins...And I find mine gets much much fuller than my Black Garbage Bin, which is for non-reclyable stuff....So, even on this small a level---each household using these nins----this has to make some kind of difference.
I am with you on the "latest" Gadget craze....I'm fine with whatever I have that works and 'if it ain't broke'...theory...I don't care f it is not The Latest!
Unless there is something I am truly beeding for my ART....I don't see the point.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

To answer your question about the TV Shows...I didn't watch any of the shows that I posted pictures of...I just posted those because they were ALL Emmy Winners at one time. Since I am NOT supposed to reveal what I was voting on, I thought it fun to post things from the past.
All the shows I had to watch for the "performers" are current shows on TV now!

twilite said...

Bob & Naomi: There are the recycling bins around the island city; household recyclers are collected on specific dates stated on a bag provided. I like that you commented. Thank you.

Naomi: Thought you were reviewing the current ones for the Emmy Awards... Thanks for attending to my curiosity.

Mother of Invention said...

We definitely have a huge problem that will get alarmingly worse if we don't all change some of our ways very quickly. (Like all those Nature Challenge ideas David Suzuki has put up on his site that I posted awhile ago. It's hard to be optimistic about this though. I hope we can make it better, but I'm really not positive we will. So many decisions (industrial and political)are made with $$$ in mind.

twilite said...

MOI: Right on 'so many decisions (industrial n political) are made with $$$ in mind' -- (sigh) everything is done with self-interests!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit...I have heard that before that what we call the flowrs are really the leaves, but here's the thingm they also have GREEN Leavesm too! Nature is sumply Amazing, issn't it?