Friday, June 08, 2007

window view

I read from photoblog that the theme for the month was
'a view from my bedroom'.
I decided to take a photo literally using the window as my frame
and here are the results: these really excite me!

The windows are adjacent to one another,
so I have different views.
One of nature: a luxury to have such a view here and I get to hear the birds twittering and chirping early in the morning.
The other, overlooking the buildings and mass transit rail track and road which is the other noise!
I live on high rise apartment or flat as it's generally known here;
not condominium.


Annelisa said...

Those are just so totally different views, Twilite... hard to believe they're from the same room!!

twilite said...

Annelisa: You know I'd taken these views for granted until I saw the pics! Yes, it's just unbelievable as the windows are situated right-angled! This was why I was so excited!!! Thanks.

Mimi Lenox said...

Great pics. Thanks for visiting Mimi Writes. Peace.

twilite said...

mimi lenox: thank you for peace. Shalom.

Cathy said...

Those are beautiful pic's. I also live in a high rise condo building, but I do not have those kind of views.

twilite said...

cathy: thanks.

Mother of Invention said...

You are indeed lucky to have a natural view too in the city! Nice when they have green space!
Cool idea and a great way to frame pics!

twilite said...

MOI: Yes indeed. I'm grateful. Singapore is a green city. There are more green surroundings in the landed properties.

Forest Dogs said...

Mom said to have a quick look at your window views. We think she's right - they are very nice!

twilite said...

FD: Thank you so much for your kind words.