Sunday, June 03, 2007

the old the new

Reflection of new buildings on Singapore River water
in contrast to the old.


Mother of Invention said...

Not sure if it actually did the comment but here it is again! It plays it and gives lyrics!

Cool contrast.

twilite said...

MOI: Thank you MOI so much for the website for the hymn and for your thoughtfulness.

Interesting that I learnt that as a chorus but it's a hymn and the words were 'Jesus DIED' and not 'loves'.

Bob said...

Wow - is that a Koolaid lake or pollution? It's sooooo green! That said, wonderful shot and reflections. Love it.

twilite said...

Bob, this is a river and it's clean every day!

During the earlier days, there was pollution due to activities of transaction of goods; today, it's where boats will ply to bring tourists to see some sights of Singapore up river.

I presume it's quite deep as this opens to the port area.

Bob said...

Well heck ,if it's clean then let's waterski back and forth on it.