Saturday, June 16, 2007

dining around the fountain

Apparently, the sights and sounds of water flowing or splattering is
therapeutic to the soul and soothing to the ears.
Many restaurants or eating places will build
a fountain
around like this one or at the entrance of a restaurant.
Aesthetically, a fountain is pleasing to the eyes in a shopping mall.

To the Chinese, the pronounciation of the word for water in the Cantonese dialect
sounds the same as money talks and rings.


Annelisa said...

Thanks for your kind words over at mine, Twilite - it means a lot to me!

(Like your fountain pictures, and what you say - interesting)

Bob said...

Fountains in American are a magnet for teenage pranksters: Late at night they love pouring a bottle of liquid soap into them. Next morning, there's bubbles all over the place. Next time I see a bubbly fountain there will be a picture the next day on my blog. Kids will always be kids, Lea.

Nice pictures.

twilite said...

Annelisa: You're thought of and supported in prayers during the days of absence. Take care. Wishing your best friend better days though.

Bob: What a gap in difference of cultures view of life and things!

Joy Des Jardins said...

This is a beautiful nice to be able to enjoy it while you're dining. I love fountains.

Cathy said...

I love fountains. restaurants that have fountains woudl get my business.

Mother of Invention said...

Fountains are fascinating. Do you throw pennies in them for good luck?

twilite said...

MOI: hahaha...not for this one. Coming to think about this, there isn't one I know that we throw coins in, unlike the ones in Rome? or elsewhere.