Wednesday, May 30, 2007

people watching

Shopping is a great past time here.
Shopping malls are great places
to bring children to observe human activities;
one place some window shop to exercise!
Here elderly persons sitting
enjoying the cool air-conditioning and friendship I suppose;
a girl looking at her mobile and waiting;
several friends sitting together to relax and enjoy watching others;
young kids showing off
while maid-in-pink-tee with hands folded was kids-sitting (?) ;
and a boy and girl enjoying something together.
Naturally there is the littering!


Annelisa said...

That looks nice and spacious to sit in too... the malls we've got here tend to have much narrower corridors, and people pass by a lot closer, so it feels a bit more claustrophobic that it appears here.

I love those seats! They are like beanbag sofas 'frozen' when they were picked up in the middle! :-D I want one of those for the garden!

twilite said...

Annelisa: Outdoor space you have in your country whereas here it's indoor and has to be created.

Not the ordinary malls here. Soon this space will be used for business exhibitions to bring in revenue!

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, I imagine one could do a lot of spending in your malls! Clothes, food....! I don't go often to malls. I try to support the little stores in my little town first.

twilite said...

MOI: I enter a mall when I supermarket, rarely shopping as I'm one of those who dislike shopping!!! would you believe?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I don't go to malls as much as I use to....just not crazy about shopping anymore. But when I do, I like to sit and people watch sometimes too. My daughter and I use to go to one inside mall to do a daily walking exercise...very early in the morning. It's amazing to see all the people there doing the same thing. Sometimes I do love going in and out of the shops; but that's always very dangerous for me. I wind up spending too much money every time.

twilite said...

Joy: I understand what you mean that you'd spend...found myself when I window shop, I ended up spending a lot!