Monday, April 30, 2007

god bless you dr kevorkian

This is a comic and irreverent interviews of men and women of some standing.

A reporter on the afterlife which he claimed he allowed himself strapped to a gurney by his friend Jack Kevorkian and despatched round-trip to the Pearly Gates. In the blue tunnel, he met Isaac Asimov, William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Adolf Hitler...


During my most recent controlled near-death experience, I got to interview William Shakespeare. We did not hit it off. He said the dialect I spoke was the ugliest English he had ever heard, 'fit to split the ears of groundlings.'...I asked him if he had love affairs with men as well as women, knowing how eager my WNYC audience was to have this matter settled. His answer, however, celebrated affection between animals of any sort:

"We were as twinn'd lambs that did frisk in the sun, and bleat the one at the other: what we chang'd was innocence for innocence."...That has to be the softest core pornography I ever heard.


I smiled at every one of those short 'tongue-in-cheek' interviews which I presumed was aired on radio station WNYC.

Kurt Vonnegut died at age 84 on 12th(?) April 2007.


Mother of Invention said...

Well, that would be kinda neat doing a very controlled trip as long as it guaranteed it was a 2-way ticket! I'd be so busy talking to everyone, I'd miss the trip back though!

Annelisa said...

:-) Good interview quote!

[I didn't know Kurt Vonnegut had died :-( ]