Monday, February 05, 2007

vegan foods

A vegan movement? Vegetarian foods? For healthy eat?

You will find such foods in the Chinese temples. These dishes served are expensive!

The food consists of mocked meat -- pork, beef, chicken -- made out of flour and gluten and they taste almost like the real stuff. Very few varieties are made from soy bean or in bean curd form.

Personally I have yet to acquire the taste for such foods.

I still like my food in its pure and real form. I love the taste of a good piece of beef steak, chicken chop or Hainanese chicken rice, pork stew in black sauce or the German way of cooking the pig's trotters with sauerkraut...! food. I just love eating...tastefully and aesthetically served food!


Abigail S said...

You just made me all sorts of hungry!

Food IS a beautiful thing!

gr said...

Sorry twilight, I am vegan myself, vegetarian by choice, no dairy because of allergy. We are all different aren't we?

Twilight said...

Hi gr! Glad to know you're vegetarian. Indian vegetarian diet is different from the Chinese. Please forgive if I'd offended you.

Personally I take lots of vegetables but I do need meat and fish at each meal. Indeed we are different.

Annelisa said...

Thank goodness my Indian food's ready in ten minutes... just off to get it now, with my mouth watering for chinese!!! :-)