Wednesday, January 10, 2007

organic food

What's the hype about organic food these days? What is organic food? It's priced more expensive than the ordinary food in the supermarket.

Apparently organic foods and substances are all natural i.e. grown, raised and handled without conventional harmful chemicals, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge and pesticides on organic farms.

The animals reared without regular use of antibiotics, growth hormones and fed on organic foods i.e. eat organic grains and other products for over a year to qualify as organic substance!

Foods processed without ionizing radiations and without a wide range of food addictives...not genetically modified organisms...?!

How do the farmers manage then? Wouldn't it be more labor-intensive and time-consuming to produce and, upkeep more arduous for these farmers?

What exactly is this organic food movement? How beneficial is this to our health? Or is this a myth to do with choosing an eco-lifestyle than safer or more healthy products?

How does one distinguish between organic and natural products?

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